We will be happy to advise you on development and restoration options for your boat. We take care of your service contract with the fullest commitment to your liking. We offer a pick your boat from you, and bring it to completion of all work back.

Trust in a professional workshop with years of experience and lived passion for fine boats and ships.

Professional and great commitment we take care of your needs. Talk to us and we'll do trusting your service contract.

Our service includes:

  • Coating Preparation: grinding polishing,

  • Boat Care: interior & exterior cleaning, leather, steering wheel Fixtures

  • Cleaning the exterior: Replace antifouling, descale ship

  • Chrome work, leather work, wood work

  • Spare parts: production of windscreens (on request)

  • Motor Service: Inteller (n or m), engine overhaul, Oil Change

  • A & Auswintern

  • Get up and delivery service for your boat


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